Pro Connect Asia acts as a business facilitator, we enable individuals, groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate with the local actors and authorities to achieve synergy. We are able to assist clients at all stages of their market entry and expansion in Vietnam. We can offer world-class clients business advisory, incorporation and outsourcing services enabling them to focus on their core business functions without dealing with the legal, accounting, tax and administrative aspects of their company. If your business does not require setting up a company in Vietnam, our buying office will be your point of entry into the promising Vietnamese market.

Corporate Secretary

You want to set up a legal entity, have an office, a telephone,a bilingual assistant and start your business/activities in Vietnam.
We are the right partner.

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Incorporations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tax Compliance:
Corporate Tax Filing and Returns
Personal Tax Filing and Returns

Accounting and Payroll:
Accounting services
Payroll services
Bank Account Management

Legal Compliance and Administration:
Bank Account Opening
Lease Contracts & Negociations
Trademark Registrations
Annual Legal Compliance services
Corporate Structuring and Restructuring
Deregistration and Winding Up

Domiciliation and Management:
Domiciliation services
Local Resident Directors
Independent Directors

Management Consultancy

Your business/activity is running abroad or in Vietnam and you wish to understand better the Vietnamese market or the way you operate.
We are the right partner.

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Introduction and Expansion Strategy
Activity/Product Review
Activity/Product Evaluation
Market Research
Cost Model Testing
Feasibility Study
Vendors Identification
Strategy Execution

Business Planning
Financial Resources Management
Fund Raising
Cost Planning

Recruitment and HR Solutions:
Recruitment and HR services
Visa Applications
Viet Kieu Services (ID retrieval, etc.)
Driver Licences (moto/auto)
Employment Contracts

Marketing Strategy
Channel Distribution
Partners Sourcing
Marketing Strategy Execution


Running out of idea for the fitting out of your new offices or your brand new smoothie place, get in touch with us we will create something special for you! Price and professionalism guaranteed! We are the right partner.

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Design Solutions for any industry
Office Design
Shop Design
Factory Design
Bar Design
Restaurant Design
Condominium Design
Furniture Design
Specialized in Sketchup
Specialized in AutoCAD


Construction is a key component of success, our company besides offering top-of-the class design services is able to transform drawings into reality. Using European processes and standards. We are the right partner.

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Design Solutions for any industry
Office Refurbishments
Shop Refurbishments
Factory Refurbishments
Bar Refurbishments
Restaurant Refurbishments
Condominium Refurbishments
Furniture Refurbishments
Specialized in Sketchup
Specialized in AutoCAD

Sourcing / Purchase Office

Moving your production to Vietnam has become meaningful. If you wish to produce in Vietnam or investigate about a relocation.
We are the right partner.

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Trade and Supply Chain Solutions
Trade Documentation via a China Company
Trade Documentation via a Hong Kong Company
Trade Documentation via a Vietnam Company
Trade Fair and Market Development Services
Competitive Analysis with China as comparison point
Cost Analysis
Risk Analysis
Factory Audit and Inspection
Factory and Supplier Certification
Quality Analysis and Control
Logistics Analysis and Coordination
Import – Export Documentation
Tax Advise
ZERO risk Guaranteed
Reliable Local Agent


Importing or exporting from/to Vietnam have never been that easy. Profit from loads of local products, or bring your own products to Vietnam! Grab opportunities before it is too late. We are the right partner.

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Trade and Supply Chain Solutions
Authorization to import (product by product)
Import License
Export License
Logistics Deals
Logistics Agents
Customs Clearance

Reputation Management

Online reputation has become a key field in product management without which many businesses especially in the F&B and the accommodation industries will not be able to succeed in a reasonable time. We are able to control and boost your online reputation to help you grow.

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Online Ranking
Facebook referencing and SEO
Trip Advisor referencing and SEO
Google Maps referencing and SEO referencing and SEO
Agoda referencing and SEO

Reputation Management
Facebook Feedback Management
Trip Advisor Feedback Management
Google Maps Feedback Management Feedback Management
Agoda Feedback Management

Permit Registration

Stuck with your an autorisation? Some activities are heavily regulated such as food exporting, tourism, medical fields operations and many others. Pro Connect Asia will acts a agent helping you to get the required certificate or permit to start running your business with the minimal cost.

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Restricted domains
Real Estate

Video & Photos Shooting

With the rapid development of habits in social medias, it is necessary to use news tools for promotion. Having a nice video professionally edited presenting your business is without a doubt a key advantage, once again Pro Connect Asia can help you.

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Real Estate
Food & Beverages

Movie Clip
Presentation Video
Drone footage
Adobe Premiere