Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Q&A page, you will find out about our most commonly asked questions! We hope we could address them properly in the section below.

In the purest tradition of entrepreneurship, we will help you settle in Vietnam, make the right choice for your company structure. We do not charge any consulting fee for our first meeting. Incorporating a Limited Liability Company in Vietnam with us will cost you 30.000.000VND (+/-1.290USD). Do not hesitate to drop us a line, we will glad to help you.
Because we like to stick to what is necessary. Most law firms will invent a whole load of ghost procedures and unexisting paperwork to be prepared and handed over so that they can justify an astronomical fee. We have heard ridiculous fees ranging from 3.500USD to 15.000USD for a company incorporation. The reality is far from that amount. We invite to use the contact form at the bottom of this page to share your projects with us. We will our best to assist you with a friendly, fairly price and professional manner.
In most case for Limited Liability Companies, it will take around 1 month to process all the documents.
Yes it is. The Vietnamese law is open to foreigners workforce and investments more and more. It is easy to set up a company in Vietnam if you do it the right way.
It is not that opaque. It is actually much easier and friendlier than Chinese laws starting with a common alphabet. Keep in mind that the law of Vietnam is the law of a developing country i.e. that it has to be stable and it has to evolve favorable towards foreign investments. The past 5 years have seen numerous measures taken by the government in order to open the Vietnamese economy to foreigners. With the same clarity as in Hong Kong, one can incorporate the company following the law. There is not need for special relations if you do not need special favors. To wrap it up, Vietnam commercial law is pretty clear and incorporating a company is way easier than the traditional law firms would like you to believe.
It is absolutely straightforward taking just a few hours. Once the account open, it is easy and simple to wire money from abroad to Vietnam. It is however difficult to wire the money out of Vietnam from an electronic way as an individual. Please contact us for a clear and precise advise about this matter.
It depends on the restrictions of your business activities. If there is not restrictions the capital (liability) starts from 1VND with not limit to it. For the case of foreigners, it is not necessary to free the capital i,e, a proof of that amount in a private bank account is enough to pass the credit check as investor.
Although all the paperwork and the filing can be done online, the bank account opening for instance will require your physical presence. We usually operates this way: once all the paperwork is done, we kindly invite you to come for the final steps of the incorporation.